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>> that looks odd. >> i don't even like seeing it. >> good morning i'm tony perkins. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> tucker, don't do anything too appropriate. >> i'm just going to do the weather. >> warm temperatures on the way. yesterday 69 was the daytime high. today about 70. and the big cool down tonight with heavy rain. one of those action packed weather days. let's get to the radar and start with that. heavy rain overnight. severe thunder storms and tornadoes. this front means business. we'll get in here late this afternoon and really tonight and bring us dren muching rains overnight. we're looking at the potential for one to two inches of rain. they are mild. 57 at reagan national. 64 at dulles and bwi marhsall
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51. last hour bwi was 41. we're headed in the right direction. out to the west we've got a wind advisory and a flood watch. there you can see the flood watch is in green and the wind advisory you see east of the bay. winds today up ahead to the front are going to be gusting up to 50 miles per hour. a blustery day fo all of us. our winds are going to be with us here for a good portion of the day as the front approaches. here's your forecast high temperatures. 70 at national. 70 in quantaco. hard to believe it's the end of january. big cool down on the way tomorrow. details of that including snowflakes on the 7 day in just a minute. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. it may be spring-like here but from the gulf coast to the great lakes, many states are experiencing wild and unusual
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weather and in some cases dangerous winter weather. in the south, reports of three tornadoes touching down overnight. a man was killed after a large tree came down on a shed he was in. winter warmup with temperatures in the 60s after days of temperatures in the teens. now the temperatures are dropping again. happening now, crews continue to clean up an early morning accident on the beltway. >> 7 people were taken to the hospital including several firefighters. the mess is still causing delays for the end of the morning commute too. melanie alnwick is live with the latest. >> reporter: good morning, sarah. we were told they were hoping to have the beltway open by 7:00. but then had trouble with that fire engine because apparently one of the front wheels was completely collapsed. that took time to get it cleared out of the way. and you can see they've got these cranes here on both sides of the beltway trying
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to up right that tractor trailer. that would pretty much be the last stage in the major part of the clean up here. once we get that going, hopefully all lanes of the beltway open. want to show you video shot when fire officials let us get closer to the scene. there was just concrete, class, oil and wreckage covering the road after the fire truck, tractor trailer and suv collided. it was 2:45 in the morning when the engine was on the inner loop of the beltway returning from the call. a tractor trailer struck it from behind, both of the vehicles breaking across the wall. an suv got tangled up in that wreckage. 7 people taken to the had many. two in the suv. one in the tractor trailer. three firefighters have been treated
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and released. but one is still in critical condition under going surgery for what we believe is a serious limb injury. but when you look at the wreckage here it's pretty amazing we didn't have more serious injuries. back to you. >> what a mess. >> definitely. still at this hour. thanks. >> staying in prince georges county now and the hunt for a killer. this after an owner of an auto body shop is shot dead. happened monday afternoon in the landover area of the county. the victim's car is missing and could have played a role in his death. 2004 black audia 6 with license plate 01524 ce.
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anyone with information should call prince orges county police. >> happening today, a jury reconvenes to come up with a sentence for a sentence for a former police officer who shot and killed an unarmed woman. convicted on three counts including voluntary manslaughter yesterday. responded to a call about suspicious person last february. he encountered 54-year-old patricia cook in a car. he argued and she rolled up the window on his arm and tried to drive away. he fired 7 shots into cook's vehicle. several of which hit her. also happening today the counsel meets removing john leopold from office. using taxpayer money to have detail put up campaign signs, collect contributions and empty urinary catheter bag several times a
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day. the counsel will hold a public hearing to remove him from office on monday. >> and now to a developing story out of alabama where police continue to negotiate with a man who shot and killed a school bus driver and is now holding a 6 year old boy hostage. police say it all began yesterday afternoon when the man boarded the bus, shot the driver multiple times and took the young boy. the man is holding the boy in what police say is an under ground bomb shelter near a nearby church. neighbors in the immediate area have been evacuated as a precaution. so far, no word of a motive or if there's any relationship between the man and the boy. on capitol hill today, the first hearing on gun violence since the mass shooting. mark kelly will testify in front of
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the senate judiciary committee. talk about the need for more background checks and limits on high capacity magazines. also set to speak today, wayne la pierre. come under fire for saying all schools should have armed guards. >> president obama is getting his way when it comes to the next secretary of state. the senate approved john kerry to run the state department. the vote was 94-3. three republicans opposing his confirmation. planning a welcome ceremony for john kerry on monday morning. this afternoon he'll give a fair well address to the senate. >> in our other top stories this morning, we have an update on the worst night club fire in a decade. police in brazil say cheap fire works caused the blaze. the band says it used flairs for outdoor use because they were cheaper. we're learning the death toll is up to
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234 people killed. most of them suffocated from breathing thick smoke. an update now on a remarkable young man we told you about yesterday. bren and is proud to display his new arms thanks to doctors who successfully completed a double arm transplant. >> this incredible feed could pave the way for other recovering troops as well. >> brendan lost all four limbs in explosion in iraq. the doctors in this room helped give two of those limbs back. >> i hated not having arms. i was all right with not having legs. >> 6 weeks ago, brendan had a double arm transplant. >> only 6 other patients had undergone this in the united states. >> i can rotate a little bit. >> 16 doctors and a host of others help to connect the blood vessels, muscles, nerve and skin. he can remember the first
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time he moved his arms. >> i was sitting there with my friends and did it by accident. and one of my friends was freaking out. did you do that on purpose? no. i didn't know i was doing it. >> brendan's house is being cleaned up from the floods of hurricane sandy but his dodge charger is still waiting for him. >> i used to love to drive. >> just surviving and moving forward, he shows the world you can do anything. >> brendan is leaving today but still has a lot of recovering to do. the nerves in his arms will regenerate about one inch per month. it will be two or three years until he reaches his maximum mobility. >> i suspect that he will be using his hands for just about everything as soon as we let him start trying to do more and more. >> i just want to get the most out of these arms and as goals come up, knock them down and
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take it as absolutely as far as i can. >> along the way he'll be thinking of the family of the anonymous donor. >> i'm humbled by their gift. they are certainly changing my life and thank you. >> he has a message for other wounded warriors. >> to not give up hope. life always gets better . and to be stubborn. there's a lot of people who will say you can't do something. be stubborn and do it anyway. >> beth parker, fox 5 news. >> brendan's surgery lasted 13 hours. once he is well enough he could shake hands with anybody, it would be country music star, blake shelton. >> an extra $40, $400, even $4,000 would be a welcome surprise. but imagine an extra $400 million in the bank. >> thanks to some recent
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changes, dc closed the year with a $400 million surplus. and while a lot of taxpayers are asking where's the money, the mayor has other ideas in mind. find out after the break. [ male announcer ] w when yor business is powered by verizon,
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welcome back. new this morning, not a good sign for the u.s. economy. it shrank last quarter for the first time until ended. the commerce department says the economy contracted by a tenth of a % by the end of last year. the governor will deliver the state of the speech at noon today. have their voices heard. you can submit questions to the governor. the lieutenant govern sxor other members by using twitter, facebook and the maryland government web site. we have the information and links on the governor will be holding online town halls and chats over the next few weeks. >> here is a good problem to
9:15 am
have. the district of columbia has a lot of extra cash in the bank after the mayor announced a surplus of more than $400 million. now, the question is what to do with that money? joining me in the studio is jenny reed. she is the policy directly. thanks for coming in. it's been a while since we've seen you. a lot of your work and initiatives are with low income families and the poverty stricken correct? >> that's correct. >> that will inform where you think this money should go. the mayor talked about the $400 million. most has been placed in the reserve fund of $1.5 million. the mayor says he believes in being food and drug administration al when it comes to this type of thing saving money for a rainy day in case things come up. which to many people seems like a good idea. you would like to see some of that money used in other ways,
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obviously. >> dc has a lot of unmet needs right now. in the wake of the recession, dc may be turning the corner financially. we have the surplus that was recently announced, $417 million. but unemployment is still high among those without a college degree. child poverty is up. one in three kids live in poverty. now that we're getting resources, time the district really start to invest in a lot of residents struggling and invest in the unmet needs. yesterday at the press conference when they announced the surplus, they announced the revenue collections are expected to be much higher. we think we have an opportunity to do two things. an opportunity to save money and build up those reserves but take some of that new money and invest in areas like job training for families with kids or affordable houses that has
9:17 am
been neglected. >> is your organization able to dialogue with the mayor's office. is there a relationship there? go in and make recommendations? >> yes, actually, we've been communicating with the mayor's office and letting them know what the needs are and how we think the best way to address those is. for example, putting a significant amount of our new resources into the housing production trust fund. main way to build affordable housing. the need to invest in affordable housing. >> is there -- i won't say is there. i know there's a concern by some dc residents that one of the reasons there's this surplus is because of the speed cameras which bring in tens of millions of dollars and all that type of thing. having a surplus generally speaking is a good thing in these days. but has the city acquired some of that money unfairly by over taxing
9:18 am
and over ticketing its residents? >> the mayor did look at the traffic fines recently. and i know they did make some adjustments to those cause they felt they were too high. many of your viewers may be surprised to know taxes on families in dc are the lowest in the region. we've done research that points that out. so we feel with needs in the city, the fact the taxes are the lowest, maybe this isn't the exact opportunity for looking attacks cus as the number one priority with this additional money. >> when it comes to aiding those who are in need in a city with job training efforts or whatever it is, do you have a sense of how much money that would take? >> well, there's been a lot of significant cut backs in these programs over the last several years. there will need to be a pretty significant investment. we don't have an exact dollar figure but areas like affordable housing have been cut back by
9:19 am
$20 million. several million to help improve the number or be available job training slots for july in herable families. looks like our revenues will be up by a significant amount this year. we can start to begin to make some of those investments back to where we should be. >> we'll be watching and i know you will be as well. and hopefully we'll talk again down the road. >> that would be great. thank you. >> j enny reed, thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> collect your change. you may soon have to pay to watch your favorite videos online. we'll explain that coming up next. holly is learning about a very special stone. hello, holly. >> reporter: good morning to you, sarah. it is called heavenly jade of the maya. the exhibit that's going on. we are live this morning. coming up later, we're going to show you firsthand, some of the amazing pieces you will see here at the gallery. more importantly we're going to talk more about what you can learn. it's all live later on fox 5 morning news.
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blackberry is about to debut a make over. today maker research in motion will unveil the blackberry 10. the upgraded system promises a faster device, superb typing experience which we're trying to figure out what that means and the ability to keep work and personal identity separate on the same phone. if you are a youtube user, you might be asked to pay up. the site is set to launch paid subscriptions. reportedly cost between $1 and $5 a month. i don't want to pay for that now that i've gotten it free. everybody is making us pay for everything. >> everyone wants to make money. >> the count down to the superbowl continues. wants to give u.s. troops a treat. >> this is good. the world's biggest pizza delivery. pizza for participate trot
9:24 am
triots will send 21,000 pies. frozen and packed in dry ice for delivery and ready to bake upon arrival. >> i think a fly just landed on my head. >> is it dead? >> i don't know. i don't know where it went. >> all right. a dancing kid steals a show at a pacer's game. >> also. ray lewis's last ride ride. >> dave. >> tony, that's why i hate your make up. >> it's normally laid back. we're talking about something i never thought i would. deer antler spray. the caps are flying high most of the night. they had a crash landing, sports breakfast is next when fox morning news continues. ♪
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this is adorable. he will live to regret this. >> this video, of course. i love this. he's into it. this has gone viral . busting impressive moves to run dmv at a rocket's pacer's game. it all started when he noticed himself on the old school dance cam. already gotten more than 340,000 hits on youtube. there is his family. he's into it. >> this would be you tucker. >> our producers thought it looked like a little tucker barnes. >> you make those moves on a regular basis. >> watch his mom cringe. >> they are loving it. >> what makes it great and just a tip to anyone who does anything like that.
9:29 am
when you go full in when you are invested in it, it works. it's great. >> it's when you hold back. >> he's not halfway doing it. that's great. >> got a couple moves there that are his very own. the glamour move. >> that was pretty good. >> he's cute. >> forecast, i want to say it's looking bright. it is looking warm. highs about 70. >> makes you want to dance. >> might make you want to dance outside for a little bit at least. we have rain arriving the second half. here we go, temperatures 57 in washington. 52 in annapolis. what's been happening, we have this front hanging out literally hs the no. some of our viewers here to the north haven't been enjoying the mild temperatures overnight. earlier, baltimore was 41. temperatures jump to 51. we're well into the 60s. check out
9:30 am
fredericksburg. 69 degrees in fredericksburg. 66 in culpeper. these warm temperatures are going to surge north and east up ahead of our front. you are going to notice a couple things. clouds today and big winds out of the south. winds expected to gust to about 30. be ready for a blustery day. it's a warm breeze. 20 the current wind. 22 in frederick. 26 dulles. winds will be picking up here. we're not getting reports of it yet. the front causing all kinds of problems overnight including severe weather and tornado warnings. that continues to march east. up ahead of it with our winds out of the south, temperatures near 70. then the rain should arrive late this afternoon and tonight. this afternoon for our viewers out to the west. and tonight for the rest of us. behind this front a big cool down. the rest of the 7 day forecast not featuring much at all in the way of warm temperatures.
9:31 am
muhc closer to where we should be starting tomorrow. future cast put it in motion. there we are at 7:00 tonight. we're getting rain showers along the 95 corridor. the heavy rains out to the north and west. watch what happens here. indicating the possibility of pretty good rain. let me mention here future cast indicating the possibility of thunder storms developing. we could have gusty winds. either way heavy rain, two inches overnight and clear it out tomorrow morning and breezy and much cooler. action packed weather day starting with warm temperatures. 70 today. cloudy warm and windy . late day rain likely. 100% chance tonight. winds out of the south at 10 to 20. cooler temperatures overnight. rain heavy at times at least through 3 or 4:00 in the morning. winds south and west to 15 to 20. and there's your accu
9:32 am
weather forecast. could be early morning snow showers friday and then again saturday night. that shows you back in the wintertime pattern. much closer to where they should be starting tomorrow. okay. that's weather. sarah and tony and dave, back to you guys. >> very good. all three of us. thanks, tucker. gio gonzalez and ray lewis respond to accusations about performance enhancing drugs. >> dave ross is here. >> one timely years ago my mother accused me of being on steroids. sadly, those guys are not enjoying that. start off with the caps. hoping they could get a lift. coming off their first wind gents buffalo on sunday. boy did things look great. troy right there gets it past the old goal tender. and at this point caps
9:33 am
are looking good. they throw it in front and going to get it on net and redirects it past anderson. 2-0 caps. i'm thinking i can go to bed early. all tied up at 2. alex running into anderson . everybody is okay. gotten off to a slow start. but then a former caps with your game winner. comes back and scores the final three goals. the caps are 28th place. that is not good . we need to improve quickly. here's what we're talking about with gio. he's saying today this is a case of this isn't me type deal. down in miami they have a biogenesis i guess establishment if you have and in that place, they found a couple names on a piece of paper that said they were linked to peds.
9:34 am
gio has said no i've never dealt with this gentleman and never taken peds. it's my dad max who needed to lose weight and consulted this doctor down in miami. gio took to twitter yesterday and this summarizes it best of all, i've never used performance enhancing drugs of any kind hchlt and never will. or used any substance provided by him. anything said to the contrary is a lie. and the nats say they are looking into this and do their due diligence as well. we've got the ray lewis one going down yesterday. thought it would be fun and games until a sports illustrated report came out that said he tried to repair his torn tricept quicker by a deer antler spray. and whether or not it's true or not, the gentleman who says that ray consulted him says this is in
9:35 am
fact. ray has another take all together. >> to even mention his name or his antics in my speeches or my moment, i can't do it. so i won't speak about it. i've been in this business 17 years and nobody has ever got up with me every morning and trained with me. every test i've ever took in the nfl is -- never been a question if i've ever even thought about using anything. so to even entertain stupidity like that. tell them to get his story off somebody else. >> it is ironic that literally this is the last week of his professional career. the superbowl is in four days. never haeshd this sort of thing before and it comes out now. >> what does deer antler spray do? >> no idea. that is a bizarre thing. the story came out by sports illustrated. got some
9:36 am
credibility. but ray says no that's not the case. hopefully tomorrow we'll get back to talking about games and preview the superbowl more in detail. >> tucker was reading somewhere where someone says you could not get enough of whatever the substance is in deer antler spray to affect your performance. >> these doctors to even come up with deer antler spray. >> we have to find out what that is. what is it used for. >> i'm tired of playing doctor. >> all right. thank you, dave. appreciate it. >> justin bieber showing what some believe may be a little too much fan appreciation. the picture that's turning heads coming up next. >> people are talking about it. fers, the nfl puts rumors to rest about beyonce being a diva. [ female announcer ] why settle for plain bread?
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pillsbury toaster strudel. if beethoven made breakfast. welcome back. it's 9:39. the nfl defends beyonce and the drama continues around chris
9:40 am
brown and frank ocean. tucker. wake up. >> time to check hollywood headlines with dax holt and tmz. >> how are you doing man? >> i'm very good. how about you guys? >> we're doing great. are they shooting the show in the background? >> yeah. we are shooting the show. lindsay lohan has to be in court. >> she says she's sick right? >> no, she boarded a plane last night. the story we put up about her getting a bench warrant freaked her out got on a plane, flew back to la and arrived here at 12:30 a.m. and driving around the hotels. no one was going to let her stay there. the craziness around lindsay lohan. >> all right. we got to talk about beyonce. the nfl coming to her defense. >> yeah, there was a bunch of
9:41 am
stories out beyonce was acting like a crazy super diva and setting to prepare the superbowl half-time performance and saying she wanted blue ivy's nursery at the stadium like at a certain degree and just all these crazy diva demands. we called the nfl and asked them what was going on and said that is not true. those are all lies, fabrications. she has been nothing but a dream to work with. she's been awesome every step of the process. couldn't have asked for a better person. they are shooting down any bad rumors. >> do people enjoy hating her? it's like one thing after the other. >> of course they love hating on her. when you get that famous sometimes people like to try to knock you down. >> let's talk about chris brown and frank ocean. are we done?
9:42 am
>> yes. >> frank ocean and -- i don't understand what we're doing now. >> i think we've ran out of time. we talked way too much about lindsay apparently. thanks dax. >> bye. >> now, you can talk. >> now what? what do we do now? >> a photo of justin bieber and a fan has the internet a buzz. i saw this online yesterday. it appears justin's hands. >> why do we take her face away? >> appears justin's hand is on her breast as he gives her a kiss. the picture was napped as he pulled away. >> might be an accident like an awkward moment. like we have everyday. >> the fan tweeted the picture
9:43 am
was misleading. >> give her a break. >> can you tell by the shirt if he's touching. >> it looks odd but who knows. weird things can happen . >> all right. coming up. if you are looking for wealth, happiness and good luck, take note from the myans. holly is taking us to the heavenly jade of the maya. she'll tell us more coming up next. >> also from the tube to the stage, actor richard shift takes on a new role in the production huey. he joins us live in the studio. we'll be back with that and more. ♪
9:44 am
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delicious. but say i press a few out flat... add some beef sloppy joe sauce... and cheese fold it all up and boom! i just made an unbeatable unsloppy joe pillsbury grands biscuits. let the making begin. [ female announcer ] in just 60 seconds, you can't get more italian. it's on. let's roll. welcome back. as we learn more about mayan culture, we are getting a look at heavenly jade
9:47 am
of the maya. >> many of those finds have never been seen outside of guatemala. holly morris joins us live with more. good morning, holly. >> reporter: this is a must see exhibit for you to come out and emersed yourself in it but really try to learn while you are here. that's exactly what we're doing. i have the best guest that helped me do just that. and alva is joining us this hour. the program coordinator here. good morning to you both. really, i should hand it over to her. you're the one that's like look this is educational. teach us how to make the most of our time here at this exhibit. >> when you come here, you can enjoy trying to find out the meaning here on the ceiling. this is a culture that had writing and they knew numbers. so they have 0 until thousands.
9:48 am
you will also see in the corner, you will learn how to draw the numbers in maya. >> so you could learn how to do it yourself. >> what this shows is the level you thought about bringing this exhibit together. kind of talk to me about how it came to be. last year was an important year. they were commemorating the 13 bactomb. represented the change of a life cycle. and this was an event that united five countries. so for us, it was the right opportunity to commemorate the indigenous peoples and at the same time to show the world the region of the mayan culture. that's why we decided to do the exhibition and organize this in such a way people come here with the exhibition and get a great sense of what the myans were all
9:49 am
about. >> at that time it got a lot of press. people were having end of the world parties. it was the end of the calendar. so what do you think when you come to this exhibit that you learn the most? what do you walk away with? >> that there are more things to learn. the discoveries they are just started to be made making new connections. new theories to learn about the myans, the aztecs. >> one the myans were organized by the year 400 before christ. they had series of 100,000 inhabitants. so we're talking about a civilization that had an organized system of government and that had that traditions
9:50 am
based on their agriculture heritage that are represented in this exhibition. >> really fascinating. i've enjoyed being here . i've been doing this for a decade and a half and never been to the ibd cultural center. it's fun to explore someplace new. and you guys try to take things to the next level. on tuesday, you have an amazing experience with a lecture. >> yes, we are having a national geographic explorer. and he participated in the excavations of the pieces we have here. also bringing a film director from mexico who produced a movie called myans traveling in the centuries. he's presenting his research in a very interesting film environment. so we're having them interact with the public. and throughout the year, this year we're going to have tremendously interesting products. we're having an exhibition in march about the
9:51 am
panamanian women painters. how they tell the story through art. >> thank you for all you do and all the offerings you have here. is our web site. we have a link to theirs. this particular exhibit the heavenly jade runs through february 15th. they always have something more to learn and enjoy. sarah, back to you. >> thank you. you may recognize him from his role on the popular television show the west wing. richard shift has improved in lost world, jurassic park and the man of steal. in washington performing at the shakespeare theater company. and he joins us to talk about. thanks for coming in today. >> it's my pleasure. >> i was a huge fan of the west wing and loved your character. very intimidating character but i can tell you are a very nice person. i'm not too worry. >> i'm not. i'm glad i'm acting it well. >> let's talk a little about
9:52 am
your acting. you've been very busy since west wing and you are in town going to be in the production playing the main character. tell us a little about the play for people who don't know much about it. >> eugene o'neil wrote the play and i consider him the founding father of american drama. i spent long day's journey in the american classics. this was a play he wrote later in his career about a hustler in 1928 even though he wrote it in 41 who is missing his night clerk friend who has just died. and wrote a series of play who lost someone important to them. and he laments the loss wanting the new night clerk to be like the old night clerk and failing at it for a while anyway. i look at it like it's a beautiful
9:53 am
short play. it's short so people can come. it's not a 4 hour, 5 hour. it's an hour and being out of there. >> makes it easier to remember the lines.. >> no. i talk as much as maybe king looer talks. other people talk in king looer. it's a lot of words. i'm running lines as we speak. >> you are a multi masker. >> i'm not. >> my lines are fumbling. >> tell me about what else you've been doing. do you enjoy the stage work versus the film and television work you've done too in the past? >> i have to say that when the theater work is good when it's rewarding when it hits a certain phenomenal level where myself and the audience experiences something, there's nothing quite
9:54 am
like that. >> doing hughie is right up your alley. >> when it comes phenomenal, there's nothing worse than being in a bad place. i'm hoping to get the former experience this time around. there's something special about being live and sharing the experience with people. >> with the audience right there. i imagine. you have a lot of other works coming up. you are in up coming movie man of steal. >> yes. >> tell me a little about that. >> well, i like to say that it's a bit of a surprise but i'm playing super man. i wasn't allowed to reveal that until today. >> i can see it. >> why are you laughing? what's so funny about me playing super man. not only that i didn't have to wear padding in the suit. it was a lot of fun. zach snyder directed and amy adams is in it.
9:55 am
and chris maloney. a lot of fun playing a cartoon character. my character was based on -- did exist in the cartoons the comics in various stages of the comic's life. dr. hamilton is his name. it's a comic strip movie. it was fun. >> also, this should be fun too. the show sounds like it's going to be great. it starts tomorrow the preview is. >> tomorrow? oh, my gosh. >> get those lines going. >> i know, right. >> shakespeare theater company tomorrow. runs through march 17th at the lansburg theater. tickets are on sale now i believe; right? >> i have a few in my pocket i'm hoping to sell them while i'm here. >> just a little bit of a bump. >> richard, thanks so much for coming in. you've been a joy. >> thank you, thank you. >> we'll be right back. ♪
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back now with the latest internet sensation. meet sam the cat. he's become a star on instagram for the two black spots on his head that look like eyebrows. come on. i don't believe this . >> now it looks like he's possessed. >> i don't think those are natural. >> yes, they are. cats can have all kinds of strange spots. >> today's pet of the day is shadow. she's a retired therapy dog and will be 20 years old. wait, is that right? wow. usually dogs -- >> we should go back to the cat with the raised eyebrows with that. >> shocked by it. if you want to be your pet to
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